Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What is M3 MOVEX

It is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution called Movex, Originally it was developed by Intentia, a Swedish company and in year 2008, it was acquired by Lawson further in late 2012, Infor has acquired M3. The Three M’s stand for Make, Move and Maintain, this system is especially adapted to Businesses in Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail.

Briefly on Technology aspect
  • M3BE (M3 Business Engine) is the core component in M3. It is Java. It is essential features of ERP functionalities and Data Access Layer. Main data base is DB2, new versions also support multiple data sources, including MS SQL server.
  • ISO (Infor Smart Office) is the front end for the users and client based application. It is WPF (Window’s Presentation Foundation) client application. WPF Training Resource : Christian Moser's WPF Tutorial 

Lawson Smart Office provides a distinctive personalized experience for someone managing their "information workplace". Microsoft Delivers a glowing review of Lawson's Smart Office

Now having discussed regarding What is Movex, in our next post we will discuss training needs of M3 user's and will also explore some of the few resources available.
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