Saturday, February 16, 2013

Areas of Training for M3 Movex

Learning is critical milestone for any ERP. M3 Movex users must first of all know the areas for which training is required; the key to success is to start at the beginning and knowing what you need to learn. As per my knowledge and understanding i am listing out here the critical areas for which training is required. 

 1. MAK tools: MAK means, Movex Adaptation Kit, with this tool you can easily do the modifications. MAK have data dictionary and you can include new tables in the dictionary which is fully integrated with screen designer, database editor, data structure editor and out editor. This tool let users make modification in Movex- Java, enabling speeding up the modification time. 

2. Creating/modifying Movex Program: Movex programs are command names which are keyed-in command box of movex explorer to run that program, for example, we take the program MNS150, There is a setting against the user to allow them to use the run command, each user profile can be configured thru this program, to restrict or allow user menu items. 

3. Creating/modifying View Definition: A view definition holds information about the visual appearance of Movex, what the user sees of Movex on their screen. Editing is done with Screen designer. 

 4. Creating/modifying M3 API: API’s are Application programming interface; automating many functions in M3 can be achieved through the use of API’s. These are defined in MRS001 and should be tested thoroughly using MI Test Tools before you attempt to use them via Excel. List of available API’s is can be accessed thur program MRS001 and option 12 gives list of fields available to upload. 

5. Managing Out Interface: Movex Output Management enables you to easily create and maintain customized output such as order confirmations, shipping, and invoicing. Difficult and time-consuming tasks. 

6. Web Services (MWS): A web service is simply a computer-to-computer data exchange, from a non-technical perspective; it’s a way for one application to interact with another application. Instead of a user keying data into a form on a website, think of a computer filling out the form, and submitting it to the web server. M3 Web Services is required to interact with the M3 programs and APIs. It is a framework to address the automation needs for which API is not available. Here we have to focus on (a) How to create a Web Service? (b) How to consume a Web Service?

Having listed above now you are aware of areas on which all efforts are to be concentrated to get the training and resources to learn. In case of problems being faced, questions can be asked at various online forums available. 

Cheers! Happy learning.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What is M3 MOVEX

It is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution called Movex, Originally it was developed by Intentia, a Swedish company and in year 2008, it was acquired by Lawson further in late 2012, Infor has acquired M3. The Three M’s stand for Make, Move and Maintain, this system is especially adapted to Businesses in Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail.

Briefly on Technology aspect
  • M3BE (M3 Business Engine) is the core component in M3. It is Java. It is essential features of ERP functionalities and Data Access Layer. Main data base is DB2, new versions also support multiple data sources, including MS SQL server.
  • ISO (Infor Smart Office) is the front end for the users and client based application. It is WPF (Window’s Presentation Foundation) client application. WPF Training Resource : Christian Moser's WPF Tutorial 

Lawson Smart Office provides a distinctive personalized experience for someone managing their "information workplace". Microsoft Delivers a glowing review of Lawson's Smart Office

Now having discussed regarding What is Movex, in our next post we will discuss training needs of M3 user's and will also explore some of the few resources available.
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